Friday, April 17, 2009

EG Newcomer Luncheon on Wednesday

The monthly luncheon was held at Coache's Classic Bar & Grill at Strikes bowling alley. It's the new one out on Laguna. Nice bowling alley. It was a fun time laughing and catching up with friends. As Historian I snapped pcitures. As usualy I am not in any of them. I rarely think to ask someone to snap a pic of me. Following are a few of the pictures I took.

Rose, Barbara and Paulette.

Verona and Ednamay.

Rosalyn and Helen.

Guest speaker from Merle Normans and Peggy.

Lady in the middle is Gladys and I forget the others. Sorry.

Pretty lady with the dark hair is Sharon.

Sharon and Eva.

Carol and Angie.

Phyllis and Carol.

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