Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Jacob's 1st Birthday - Friends & Family Celebrating

Jen and Dyan Preparing all the wonderful finger type foods. Dyan is a longtime friend of Jen's. They met in school.

The bar including John's famous beer margaritas.

The special banner.

Jacob loved playing with the other children. Here's Elizabeth and Emily, Wayne's girls.

Maggie and her little brother Zach, Kristy's children.

Jen, Wayne and Emily. (Emily sure loves her Daddy.)

Thois picture is out of order, but it is Meera and Jacob.

Meera and Karen told Jen they couldn't come but they were coming. I was in on the surprise. Jen was surprised and very happy to see them!

Hugs all around. It was wonderful seeing them.
The Three Muskateers (or is that Stooges?); Jen, Meera and Karen.

Shawn, Theresa, Emily and Wayne.

Brian and me.

Linsa, Makayla and Teri.

Enjoying the back deck; Wayne, Kristy, Zach and Jen.

Emily hanging on her Daddy's leg.

Me and Jen.

Krist and Zach, Jen and Jacob. Zach and Jacob are just a few weeks apart in age. Kristy is a longtime friend of Jen's. They met in school.


Jen said...

Great post Mom! It was a great day! I stole some pictures...but I won't put them on my blog...I'll send people to yours!! Hee! I am hoping to post my pictures today. You sure got some good ones!

Erin said...

What a fun first birthday!