Friday, July 18, 2008

An Afternoon at the Theater

It's time once again for our summer theater season. David can't attend because of his foot so I have given some of our tickets to friends. The other performances I am attending with friends.

Yesterday Rose and I went to see Gypsy. It was a delightful production! Vicki Lewis of TV fame played Rose, Gypsy Rose Lee's mother. She was fabulous in the role, and what a voice! Just perfect for the songs she sings. Alexa Carra played the grown-up Louise. She did a wonderful job playing the awkward low self-esteemed young girl craving her mother's attention, to the woman who recreated herself into the world famous stripper Gypsy Rose Lee. Kelli D. Felthous did and admiral job as Lousie's sister June who was Rose's favorite, and Paul Binotto as Herbie, Madam Rose's boyfriend and agent for the girls.

I had forgotten how many well-known show tunes come from Gypsy such as "Let Me Entertain You," "Everything's Coming Up Roses," "Small World," and "Together, Wherever We Go."

Afterwards Rose and I enjoyed talking over a leisurely dinner at Brew It Up! across the street from the theater. It was a lovely time.

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Jen said...

After reading your post I checkout Vicki Lewis on and found some pictures of her. You were right; I would recognize her if I saw her! I am glad that you and your friends are having such a good time getting to go out to the theater together!