Monday, July 21, 2008

Love You Forever

A parents love for their children lasts through a lifetime. I am reminded of a book I gave to my mother in 2000 titled "Love You Forever," by Robert Munsch. The book tells the universal message of a parents lasting love for their children. Each day in the story a mother sings a song to her boy called "Love You Forever"as she holds him and rocks him. The mother is always there for her son. The book takes you through the boys life into manhood where he becomes busy in his own life. The mother gets older, older and older. She called her son one day and told him he better come see her because she is old and sick. The son goes to see her and she tried to sing the song...."I'll love you forveer, I'll like you always....." but she couldn't finish the song because she was too old and sick. The son picks up his mother in his arms and rocks her and he sang........."I'll love you forever, I'll like you always, As long as I'm living, my Mommy you'll be." He then goes home, runs up the stairs and goes to his baby daughters room and he slowly rocks her and sings her the song his mother always sang to him. And this is the circle of life. Family starts with love and contniues on through the end of time because of love. I never thought I could love anyone as much as I love my daughters until Jacob and Justin. A grandparents love is something different, something at least at the moment I can not even begin to describe.
I never thought I could love Jen more until I saw her with her own baby son as her maternal love encircled Jacob and Justin both.
A grandmother's love and pride for her grandchildren is like no other.

Seeing you daughter and son-in-law in your grandchilds features, as well as your own, and their great grandparents and family members even further back. To see the continuing love shine in your grandchildrens faces. It's like a mirror into your families past.
I would like to share a prayer by Marianne Williamson from her book "Illuminated Prayers." "Dear God, Please bless the children of earth, mine and all others, the precious angels in our midst. Send all darkness away from them. Thank you God. Amen."
Pictures: My grandsons Justin and Jacob


Jen said...

Mom, that is just absolutely beautiful. We all love you so much. You are an amazing woman, sister, mother, grandmother, friend, wife and person--and not necessarily in that order!! LOVE YOU!

Erin said...

Auntie Diane, I agree with Jen. That was beautiful. I would also like to add that you are an amazing Aunt and Great Aunt as well. I love you, we love you too!

African Kelli said...

This is such a beautiful tribute Diane! I so want to give this joy to my own mother. One day!