Thursday, July 3, 2008

Sister Girlfriend Barbara

The simple Jewsish funeral service for Sheri today was very nice. It was a celebration of a very special woman's life. The canter sang beautifully in Hebrew. The words he spoke in English profound and moving. Family and friends stood and shared memories of Sheri even down to her last days. There is a Jewsish tradition at the grave site that each family member and friend throws a handful of dirt into the grave on top of the casket. This is an honor to have friends and family do this. It was very moving, and very final.

Afterwards we all gathered at Barbara's house where the tables and counters were laden with food that friends and family had made. Barbara also shared some wonderful wines from her wine refrigerators. I snapped these pictures when Barbara finally sat down after filling some of our glasses. We laughed, because when you looked at her, bottle in one hand, glass in the other it appeared as if she was enjoying the bottle herself. Even if she was, she certainly deserved it.

The pictures on the mantel above Barbara are recent shots of Sheri and some of Sheri and her fiance Ken. She was an absolutely beautiful woman inside and out.

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