Thursday, July 3, 2008

David's Visit to the Surgeon Today

David had an appointment today with the surgeon. He first had x-rays which the results of delighted Dr. Gilles. It appears that David has been the model patient and is doing very well. He ordered a tech to remove the staples, put strip bandages on the incision area, bandage him, and put him in a boot splint. The tech was surprised and said that the surgeon trusts David thoroughly to do what he should do. Sunday I am to remove the bandages and gently wash the incision area with soapy water. The bandages stay off at that point. Monday he is to start some movemewnt exercises, bringing the toes up and holding it there, gently moving the foot back and forth, and other similar movements. This should be done 5 times a day at least. Dr. Gilles recommnded he take a pain pill at first for this. He doesn't need to go back again for a month! As long as everything is okay there is no need to. At that point, David might be able to start putting a little weight on it. It's been 4 weeks since the surgery now, and 5 weeks since the accident that caused the fractures. Recovery is slow, slow, slow!

The tech talking to David and getting him set properly to remove the staples. Cast rooms aren't very glamorous places.
Removing the staples. David said it burned/stung like having a cut and pouring alcohol on it.
The strip bandages were applied.
Bandaged and ready for the boot.
David is set to roll in his new boot. Thank goodness it isn't a matching pair!


AmericanKnitter said...

Wow, it looks real good, all things considered. I hope the rehab goes well and he is out in the yard soon!

Erin said...
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Erin said...

We are glad to see and hear that Uncle David is being a model patient and healing up. Get better soon! Love the entire Wall Clan.

Anonymous said...

i still got the willies looking at the pictures.