Saturday, July 5, 2008

4th of July

David and I spent a quiet 4th of July at home this year; just the two of us. It was good to see that our community took the Governors advice to boycott fireworks this year, due to the risk of more fires and the air quality. I do hope this was the norm across the state. Knowing that many charities rely on the sale of fireworks to get them through the year such as the Boy Scouts makes it tough. However the condition of our state had to take precedence. I do not understand why fireworks are legal, especially in this part of the state outside of organized displays. Persoanlly, I think the law has to change.

As to food, I made a simple dinner of macaroni salad and grilled pork ribs. I precook the ribs in the oven until they are tender and juicy. I then finish them off on the outdoor grill. We enjoy Famous Dave's dry rib rub and BBQ sauces so that is what I use. (You can order them online.) You certainly can use store-bought of your choice or make your own dry rub and sauce. Whatever suits your personal tastes. Many people cut the rack of ribs after cooking. I cut them in thirds before cooking. I have to say the tastes of the Famous Dave's rub and sauce with the beer is very tasty!

Here's my recipe:

Rack of pork spareribs
Famous Dave's Dry Rib Rub
1 bottle beer (I use Sierra Neveda Pale Ale)
1 bottle Famous Dave's Sweet & Zesty OR Rich & Sassy Barbecue Sauce

Cut the rack of ribs into three pieces. Apply dry rub liberally to both sides of ribs, coating well.

Wrap each piece tightly in plastic wrap and set in the fridge for 4 to 48 hours.
Remove ribs from fridge and plastic wrap. Using heavy-duty aluminum foil, enclose all three pieces of rib rack in one piece, leaving an open hole.
Pour the bottle of beer into opening and close up tightly so beer can't leak.
Place packet of ribs on baking sheet with sides. Cook in preheated 325 degree F. oven for 2 hours. (If using 2 racks of ribs, prepare as above making two packets and using two baking sheets. Put one sheet on upper rack and one on lower, Switch sheets half way through cooking. They tend to need a bit longer cooking time this way. OR you can obviously use two separate ovens.
Preheat gas grill for indirect method using high heat. When preheated lower heat to medium-high and grill ribs in a rib rack.
Keep grill closed while cooking.
Slather ribs with barbecue sauce during grilling time, which should take about 20 minutes.Enjoy!

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Jen said...

OMG!! These look so incredible..I can almost smell and taste them. That settles it. I have been wanting to buy ribs for a while but wasn't sure John would be up to the task of "babying" them on the grill for so long...but I am going to buy ribs TODAY!!! Great should post them on CR as well! Yum!