Monday, July 28, 2008

Special People Make a Special Weekend

Outside of our friends being here for the VJB tasting there were a lot of other wonderful moments for us this weekend. Family and friends came, some of whom we do not see very often, and we met a new family member for the fist time too. It wasan unforgettable weekend! Take a look........

My niece Erin's husband Rob who we do not get to see often and my son-in-law John. It was a real treat having them together.

My niece Erin and her 2 month old daughter Mackenzie who we met for the fist time Saturday. She is adorable and such a welcomed addition to our family.

Having my great nephew Steven together with my grandson Justin was another heart warming moment.

My long time friend Cathy who I met in kindergarten was there. (I will not say how long ago that was!) My daughter Jen and my honorary son Wayne. It was great all being together.

My friend Sarah flew out from AZ for the weekend. We rarely are together and we had a blast! She fits right in with our family and other friends. They had nothing but great things to say about her. We hated to se her leave Sunday.

2 month old Mackenzie and 4 month old Jacob together for the first time., We all have hoped these cousins will grow up as close as their mothers did.

Three generations of the Hoekman men together. Nice to see.

My good friend Kathy with my grandson Jacob. Wonderul to have the time with her and Bob and heart warming to see her and Jacob together for the first time.

Mackenzie. She is a doll. Look at those eyes! Welcome to the family my love.


Sarah said...

Hmm..looks like a good party! ;))

Oh yeah, I was there and it WAS a good party.

Sure did enjoy getting to know everyone and hope to see them at the holiday party.

African Kelli said...

What a beautiful family Diane! May we all be so blessed.

Jen said...

Great pictures Mom! I'm glad you posted them! Seeing Rob and John together and Jacob and was too cute! And of course Justin and Steven! Hee! It was such a GREAT party! I love seeing Kathy feeding Jacob! Um, when is your next tasting? I guess we could have our own here in Truckee for your 25th wedding anniversary and my BD! Hee!