Monday, July 28, 2008

VJB Wine Tasting in Our Home

We had been planning this day for months and when it arrived it was in no way a disappointment. Our family and friends enjoyed a lovely late afternoon with Henry and Susan from VJB tasting and learning about the wines and the winery family. There was California wine country tasting foods such as artisan cheeses and tapenades made by Maria Gabriella Belmonte, executive chef at VJB Cellars and Vineyards.

Flowers. I made sure we had beautiful flowers.

Classic California Wine Tasting Fair.

Up front that's Susan and Ednamay. In the back from the left there's Dom, Fran,Averill, Barbara, Paulette and Bob.
Here's Joy and me. It was a delight to see her. It had been way too long!

On the left my great nephew Steven. On the right Gabriella, Henry's daughter. They sure liked one another. After Gabriella left, Steven came and asked me "Where did my girlfreind go?" When I told him she went home, his lips pouted out and they quivered as he fought tears. Steven is 3, Gabrriella 5. They were adorable together.

The wine tasting menu.

The tasting table set and waiting for the guests to arrive. That's Henry in the background, the owner of VJB. It was a pleasure to have him in our home.

Friends and family enjoying the wines and food.

Henry keeping up with the pouring.

Fun and more fun.
Decisions, decisions. What to purchase they are all so good!

Okay Henry, I want 2 of the Tucai, 2 Dante's....................

On the left my neice Erin and her 2 month old daughter Mackenzie. On the right my daughter Jen and her 4 month old son Jacob. You all know Jacob by now!

I would like to try the Barbera now please.....................

That's Jen's MIL Linda on the right gabbing with Erin and Jacob.

That's my honorary Mom Rose on the left, me in the center and Rose's daughter Sue (my sister) on the right. The silly guy behind us is my grandon Justin.

After the wine tasting, most people stayed for more wine, appetizers and later a buffet dinner of penne pasta Alfredo with chicken, tossed green salad and garlic French bread. Fun was had by adults and the children. It was wonderful to be all together and share such a perfect day of tasting wines and food, as well as perfect weather for this area. We sopent the evening otdoors on the aptio listerning to water fountains in the background as we ate, drank , talked and laughed. The after party ended around 10 PM. It was a thoroughly delightful day!

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