Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Happenings in the Garden

The tomatoes are growing very well, and more and more fruit is appearing. I hope they continue to do well in this horrid heat we are having (mid to upper 1oo's) and have good flavor. The smoke is very bad again, close to the ground like fog. At night the moon looks brown. We are to get a break this weekend from the blazing temp's, getting down into the upper 90's. There is another terrible fire near Paradise again, and they have evacuated the people in Butte. If we were only blessed with some out of the ordinary for this area summer rains.

The hibiscus is doing well. I do have to get it transplanted into a large pot! I keep forgetting.
The area through the lilac-like covered archway is doing well. It gets the late afternoon sun, and thankfully everything is standing up to the heat so far.

The sun rising this morning in the brown smoke filled sky.
These are the Early Girl tomatoes. Look! One is turning red!
The fruit on the patio tomato plant is multiplying!
Some new fruit on the heirloom yellow plum plant.
Fruit that has turned yellow!

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Sarah said...

Love your tomatoes! I sure wish I had some in my garden.