Thursday, July 24, 2008

Are You An Organizer?

I was reading my friend Kelli's Blog and she mentioned something from her friend Aimee's Blog, so I read that and I found at the end of Aimee's post I was being asked "Are You An Organizer?" My dear you have no idea who you are asking that question to! I am married to a collector, I have to be!

I have always been an organizer and being married to my collector loving hubby I really had to beef up my organization or I wouldn't be able to live in the house. It doesn't help that over our married years, I have become a bit of a collector as well. Though I have been getting rid of this year. It is good for the soul. It is good for breathing deeper. It is freeing.

Music CD's. I love music and I can't get rid of my CD's because I honestly do listen to them. They are organized in my office in alphabetical order by last name of the artist. I can always find just what I want.

I scrapbook so I put these rolling drawers at my desk and they are filled with scrapbooking supplies such as stickers, glue sticks,, pens, double sided tape, my writing tablets, address labels, rubber stamps I use often, paperclips, envelopes, etc. Right at my fingertips which I like, and it is all things I do use.
These little containers are actually magnetic spice containers I picked up at IKEA. I have dried flowers from my garden and cloth buttons I use when making greeting cards and scrapbooking. They are attached to my magnetic bulletin board above my work area.
These old antique jars house buttons and spools of thread that belonged to my Nana. She was an amazing seamstress and these notions of hers always make me think of her and smile.
This year we added two walls of these floor to ceiling small shelves in my walk-in kitchen pantry. They hold herbs and spices, vinegars, oils, baking chocolates, bread crumbs, Jell-O and such. Everything is right at my fingertips and easy to see. We also took a coat closet in the back end of the kitchen we never used and filled it with floor to ceiling large shelves that houses canned goods.
These are in the closet of my craft room/office.They house my rubber stamps and inks, all stamping supplies such as embossing powders, hot air gun, stencils, papers, envelopes. The containers on top are full of wire ribbon which I find I do not use that much. My friend Verona does so they are all going to her.
Okay, so I have a greeting card for every occasion with jusy about every one I know in mind when I bought them. I have three organized boxes full. Some even have category separations. These are two of the boxes. I don't understand why I still always seem to have to buy cards though.

Those rubber stamps I mentioned? I stamped passionately for years though no longer find myself using them much. Over those years I did end up with a collection of stamps. I have this binder that is spearated by types of stamps "flowers", "ocean," etc and I stamped every stamp I have so I know what I have. I just flip through the book and find what I want to use, then go to the appropriate drawer. Well, I USED to go to the right drawer easily. They have gotten mixed up so I do have to go through and organize again. Actually, I am thinking of donating a lot of them to daughters, grandsons and friends. My craft paints. I used these a lot for quite a few years, though slowing down with them now as well. I think this is something that needs to be downsized.
Scarpbooking, crafting and computer papers. A few years ago a Currents store closed out near us. They were selling their fixtures as well, so I bought this papaper stand. It was bargain too! This sits right next to my work table. I not only like organized but I like convienent too.
That is a little taste of some of the ways I have organized here. Did someone ask me if I was an organizer?


Sarah said... not an organizer.

I kinda take things as they come but don't dislike the chaos.

Life with children is the chaos I work with...although I go through spurts of organization. ;)

Jen said...

I like to think I am an organized person, until I see how organized you are! My CD's and DVD's are in order (well, most of my CD's..John needs to build another shelf) and sometimes my pantry is in good order...but you put me to shame! I love how you have all your scrapbook stuff in order and at your fingertips. I think I would work on mine more often (and I have ideas for TONS) but I have to put the items on the bottom shelf of a teak book shelf and it's a pain to get out and I can't see what I have etc. Maybe once we move I can organize a bit more, even though I'll have less space...someday will you take me to IKEA and teach me the ways of grand organization???? :-)

Jen said...

You also made me laugh about the cards....I know whenever we go places that have them you are always looking at them :-) I definately do NOT have the same amount that you do, but I buy cards when I see them, with someone in mind to give them to, and yes, I still end up buying cards too!

Diane said...

I look forward to the trip to IKEA with you Ken to help you decide on organization containers, etc. I am also looking forward to helping you organize your new kitchen like you asked me. How fun we are going to have! Once the new house is done and you have it filled with furniture, etc., we can see what spaces you have and just how creative we will have to get with organizing!

African Kelli said...

Holy moly! You take this to an entirely different level. WOW Diane! I love it.
I am going to steal your spice rack idea and move my spices from above my stove to my pantry.
And those deep glass jars are fabulous.
Hope this weekend was a huge success!