Wednesday, June 18, 2008

David Update, Visit to the Surgeon

The surgeon says David is doing well. Though the incision area looks good, he felt there was still pulling and the skin tender, so he is leaving the staples in another 2 weeks before removing. Can you believe there are 30 staples?! ICK! They did another plaster splint and bandages on it. Next time the x-rays will be taken. The surgeon did give us a printout of an x-ray they took after his surgery. I have included it here. I am sure you have been as curious as we have to see where those 16 screws and metal plate are! Of course, we were again reminded that healing is going to be a very slow process. I am just so happy that things are going as they should be.

After leaving the hospital we stopped at Costco. David did great wheeling himself around in his wheelchair, getting things ioff the shelves and from out of refrigerators. For me it was a bit difficult figuring out how to fold the wheelchair, get it into the car and back out again without hurting it or myself. I think with a bit more pratcice it will be a breeze.

This was David's first trip out since his surgery so he was very happy, though exhausted. I am happy too.

Printout of the post surgery x-ray.

After they cut open the splint.
Not for ther faint of heart. Frankenstein's foot. (Gives me the willies)
Setting his foot into the bandages and plaster splint.

Plaster hardening before we could leave.


Sarah said...

Wow, that is where all those screws went! ;))

Sonia said...

Oh, wow, Diane....Poor David!!!
Such a freaky accident...!