Friday, June 13, 2008

Life with Justin

This is really cool. Justin made it with Lego's!
Justin playing with his Wii. Like a good Gram-Gram I played with him. After playing baseball and tennis my upper arm hurt. You have to be in athlete form to play these games!!
Justin reading to us form a book I got him at a hospice thrift shop. He reads a chapter each night I am there with him in Truckee. Maybe by Christmas we will have finished the book! It is an intersting story about Chatterer the Squirrel. The book was originally published in like 1905. I love when stories stand the march of the time.
Hmmm, do I really have to watch another food show Gram-Gram???

The apples of my eye.

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Sarah said...

Gorgeous family photos!!!

Love Justin, Jacob & you!