Saturday, June 14, 2008

An Early Morning Stroll in the Garden

Early this morning while watering the garden I snapped a few pictures. I love this time of the day; the weather is lovely and it's so quiet except for the birds. It's like a form of meditation for me. It's quite peaceful, grounding and feeds my soul.

Walking toward Venus Dancing on the Earth statue and Rebecca by the Well fountain.
Dwarf Gardenia.
The ingound herb garden in the back of the picture. It also includes a Mexican lime and a bay laurel in a container. The arch leads to the side garden.

My little friends. We picked these up at an art and craft fair a few years back. They always make me smile. This hydrangea bush is in a large container right outside the slider so I can see these little critters all the time.

One of my favorite spots to stop and sit and take in what is around me. I like to sip a morning cup of decaf Peets Sumatra coffee sitting here as well.

It's really the time of year that all the lilies in the garden bloom. This cala lily was given to us by our dear Marilyn. In fact all the cala lilies we have in the garden she gave to us atone time or another. It's a wonderful way to remember her.

One of the 5 canna lilies in the garden. Some are in the ground and some in large pots. This is my favorite. Love the colors and design.

Another pretty cala lily

This is the side garden near the spa. Lots of things in pots; on the right side canna lilies, tomatoes, and roses. On the left side though you can't see it all are another canna, a camelia, begonias, and two climbing purple blooming plants I can't recall the name of.

Rebecca at the Well fountain.


Sarah said...

Thank you for taking me on a tri through your garden. I wish mine was that big and that lush.

Sonia said...

Love your garden....There is so much to see!