Monday, June 23, 2008

I Smile A Lot Because of Family and Friends Thoughtfulness

Aunt Vaden and Uncle Arlen bought this apron for me in Italy. They bring me home one most times on their travels. This one is the closest to my heart since my heritage is Italian. Thanks Vaden and Arlen!
My friend Sarah made this string bag (French market bag) for me to use as I frequent the local farmer's markets. It stretches as you place things it it, so you can carry a lot more than it appears you can. I love the color and everything about it. Thanks Sarah!
New throw pillows for the front porch furniture. Thanks to Jen and Long's!
When Ron was here, he got into the middle of our very large Meyer lemon bush and got all the lemons that were hiding in there that I couldn't get too. Deb got some as well with Justin's help. I have a lot more Meyer lemons to cook with and enjoy now. This bowl shows half of them. Thanks Ron, Deb and Justin! (I am only sorry you forgot to take some back home with you.)
My sister girlfriend Verona recently gave this to me as a just because gift. It's perfect in our kitchen-family room area. I love it so much, I think it is going to be the cover of volume two of Diane's Home Kitchen cookbbook. I smile every time I see it. Thanks Verona!

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Sarah said...

yes, friends are great!!