Friday, June 13, 2008


Grandpa Jim meets Jacob for the first time in May.
Who is this big boy in big boy clothes? How fast they grow.

And he is smiling and giggling now! Does he look like John in this picture or what?! Mother, daughter, grandson.
There's that strawberry blonde hair. Lately though, it seems the red is fading and a darker color hair is appearing. We shall see.


AmericanKnitter said...

Nice pictures!
Wow, David's foot is ....

Hope it heals so fast the doctors will be stunned!

(American Knitter is me, Deborah down the street)

Dyan said...

Diane, I love all the pictures. I finally saw some pictures from the work site and place the David's tragedy happened. The pictures of the boys are great.
The guest room looks really nice. I like the bedspread. I'm sure your Christmas guest will feel more comfortable.
David heel up fast