Friday, June 13, 2008

A New Look for the Downstairs Guest Room

I decided that after 7 years of a very pink rosey feminine look, the guest room needed a new look so that our male guests would feel comfotable as well. The room has accents of the ocean that we love so much. Yes, all the books on the shelf are part of my cookbook collection.

The flat screen TV on top of shelves at the wall at the foot of the bed works much better than where it was originally. Yes, those books are part of my cookbook collection as well. The room is stilla work in progress. The next step is hanging baby pictures of ourselves, our girls and our grandchildren. above these shelves.

The newest picture of our great-nephew Steven. He is the spitting imagine of his Daddy Rob. Two very handsome Englishmen.

Gram-Gram and her boys.

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