Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Eve Moments

During the day we had a variety of appetizers to nosh on. John made his famous guac live.

The tradition in the Hoekman home is that all gifts are opened on Cristmas morning. However, Justin and Jacob can open 1 gift on Christmas Eve of their choice. That is unless the gift giver says they have to wait to open it on Chrisdtams Day andf then they choose another. Jus picked the biggest gift with his name on it. (Of course!)

It was a 6' x 3' framed picture of him winning the IKF race this year to hang in his room in the new house.

Gram-Gram picked what Jacob opened. Grandad and I got him a talking Elmo who loves to throw kisses as well.

He loves Elmo so we were all excited to see how he would react.

He loves it and even took a nap with him this morning. Jacob kisses Elmo back. It is just too sweet. We all went to bed early. The week of fun had caught up with everyone.

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Sarah said...

Looks like a good day!