Sunday, December 28, 2008


The new computer keyboard is from John, Jen, Jus and Jake. (I do not know why this picture insists on being sideways even though it isn't in my computer photo program.) John used my computer last time they were here and was amazed I was still using it when half the letters had worn off the keys. I think it was all those years of using acrylic on my nails and typing with my nails instead of finger tips. I love that there are multimedia keys and application hot keys on the keyboard. My old one didn't have them.

Debra and Ron gave me this wonderful pottery bowl with a grater in the bottom of it. (On the lines of a Japanese suribachi bowl and pestle.) You grate fresh garlic in the bottom, then add oil and vinegar and use the mini whisk to emulsify your vinaigrette. I love it.

We received this pottery grater from Cathy and Dom along with beautiful lace table linens. You can grate fresh ginger into a paste, or garlic all by rubbing against the plate. You can also grate whole spices such as nutmeg. I love this too!

A beautiful wine stopper from Fran.

John's parents gave us a gift bag full of food goodies; dip mixes, marinade, chocolate and truffles.

Bob and Kathy sent us a box of fresh pears from Harry and David. Beautiful. AND we just received a note from H&D to let us know we will also be receiving 3 more shipments of fresh fruits in 2009! Thank you so much you two - a gift that keeps on giving. We are enjoying it so much!

These cat ornaments for the Christmas trees are just too adorable. They were given to us by Rob, Erin. Steven and Mackenzie. Each of them reminds us of our four cats and make us smile.

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