Sunday, December 7, 2008

Holiday Party Time

David and I do a random gift draw at our party each year. It's always fun for everyone. Cathy's name had just been drawn.

Hanging around the bar...........

Ralph's name is drawn this time for a gift.

We did a wine exchange this year for anyone who wanted to participate. It was fun. Wayne drew the names since he wasn't participating in the exchange. Everyone cried "fixed" (in fun) when my name was called first to choose a bottle from those submitted.
I chose a bottle of Morgan Cab that Cathy and Dom brought for the exchange. I had never heard of it so I am looking forward to trying it.

Having fun and enjoying one another................

Who's that bearded man? Why it's my brother-in-law Fred!

Shawn and Dom fixing the world.


My honorary son Wayne and friend Sarah...................

Kathy and Erin. Kathy was Erin's angel while she was at Stanford.

Erin and Jen celebrating....wooohoooo!

Justin playing with his party gifts.


Sarah said...

Dang, I am sinking lower and lower into that couch!

African Kelli said...

LOVE these. You two look so great!