Saturday, December 27, 2008

Santa Claus Came to Town!

Santa ate all his cookies and the reindeer did a good job on the carrots.

Jacob received a bopunce bounce type thing but he can walk in it. He was doing well trying to figure out how it works.

Justin received the skate board he asked for.

A water elmo for the bath tub.

Dockers and mathing shirt for Justin. He likes to dress nice this boy. We love it!

Sing and hum Elmo. Okay, so Gram-Gram and Grandad went crazy with the Elmo's. Jacob loves them though, expecially the kiss me Elmo. He even slept with it which he has never slept with anything before.

This Christmas ribbon is fun to play with.

A warm wool short for John.

Wii MarioKart for Jus. He was excited.

All the controls for the Wii; a tennis racket, steering wheel, golf club, baseball bat........

The clean-up crew.

Grandad, a well-seasoned light engineer.

Jacobs toys....

We recieved this from Mom Rose, Fran, Sue and Beth. How unique and fun is this? We love it! It was a joyous holiday. I hope the same for you.

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