Sunday, December 7, 2008

Family Portraits

It is not often that we are together with both David's brothers and all our children. The only two missing in this shot is Jacob who was already sleeping and Derek who could not make it this year. From the left: Fred, Katrina, Jessica, Shawn, Theresa, Jason, Justin, Jen, John, me, David and Bob.

David and his brothers

Bob, David, Fred

The cousins: Katrina, Jessica, Theresa, Jason and Jen


Ron said...

Not being there, how great it is to see everyone, if only in pictures. Looks like another fun filled Christmas celebration. No wonder it is such a spirited and fun time with all the loving care put in by the host and hostess. One of these years I'll be there.



Eileen and Stan said...

That's what the holidays are all about - having time together with family and friends. Wow what a spectacular party you and Dave put on! Really enjoyed all the pictures.