Sunday, December 7, 2008

Saturday Morning & Afternoon - One Little Gift Bundle

I finished making up the cold appetizers. This is a quick and delicious one. Slice English cucumbers, drain on paper towels to get water out. Spread with a bit of Boursin then top with a small piece of smoked salmon. They look colorful and beautiful and are very tasty.

My precious gift comes in the early afternoon. Look at him! I can't believe that he is old enough to sit in a high chair and eat people food.

He was eating chicken breast and sweet potatoes and loving every bite.

Making sure he gets it all stuffed in there........

And look....I drink out of my very own sippy cup now too!

"Talking" to Gram Gram.

MMMMMM, tasty biscuit.

Jacob and his new teddy bear/cloth book.

It went right into his mouth. A sure sign that he loves it. He is such a delight!

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Ron said...

Jacob is so cute in the high chair. Love that smile!