Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Jingling Them Bells

The holiday spirit abounds in our neck of the woods as the Christmas count down continues.

Festive towels gifted to us by Bob and Maggie. Maggie did the crochete work on them. I love that there is a pair for the holidays........

and a pair to use all year round. Thank you!

While in Truckee next week, one of the things planned is for Jen, Justin and I to bake and make gift baskets for their neighbors.

Today I made Sarah's recipe for Pumpkin-Pineapple bread for some of our neighbors and made some and froze them to bring to add to the Truckee baskets.

Speaking of gifts. What I would like for Christmas is for people to stop being so readily judgemental and prejudice of others. World peace could certainly be a reality then.

And while we are on the gift wish list, a massage and equal civil rights for all Americans would be wonderful too.

I finished gifts for our daughters today that I made and got them wrapped. Can't show and tell these for obvious reasons.

David has been craving ginger cookies so I made him a small batch today. He ate half of them as soon as they came out of the oven!

This gift basket I put together for the neighbors across the street.

The rain has stopped and the last few days it has been very cold here for us. Last night it went down into the 20's so I covered the jade plants with burlap. This plant was started from a piece of jade plant that came from my Nana's house in San Francisco in the early 1950's. My parents had it in a large pot in the garden in San Bruno, Sonoma and here in Mather. I inherited it and it sits on my patio next to the slider so I can always see it. Last year it froze one night and we were not prepared and we lost the top half of this large plant. It protected the bottom areas of the plant thank goodness and it is still thriving.

We started one for Jen and John and we will bring it up when they move into their new house. It is snug under it's burlap house as well.
Well, there is not a creature stirring in the house but me, so I am heading to bed with a good book. Until next time..........................


Sarah said...

Looks good!

I finished my first round of gift bags for a few co-workers.

My next round starts next week for my neighbors.

Ron said...

Sounds like fun, all that baking! I did some baking myself on Tuesday. Made a batch of scones for the office and another for our friends Rob and Suzan Reeves and their 12 children. I had fun except for dropping the flour container on the flour and then having to clean up the mess. Think I dented the hardwood floor as well. Ah, that just gives it character.


Eileen and Stan said...

What very lucky neighbors you have.
The jade plant is a wonderful generational gift to hand down for hopefully many generations yet to be born.
Have a safe trip to Truckee and a very Merry Christmas to all your family!