Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Feliz Navidad

Saturday night we went out to dinner at Casa Beiza. It's a facvorite of all of ours. It's some of the best mexican food you will ever eat.

Jacob wanted a menu too. He made us laugh. He was smiling and as you see in the oicture he actually pointed at something on the menu as if to say, "This is what I want to order!"

Justin decided on 2 tamale with rice and beans.

Click on this picture to make it bigger. You will see that Jacob is very excited viewing the maragarita menu!

A quiet moment.

Teething. He has so many teeth now and you can see every tooth on the top coming in!

Me and Jen. I went with 2 chile rellanos and she with one chile rellano and one enchilada suiza.

David and me. David went with his favorite, pork burrito with green sauce.

Wearing Daddy's glove.

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