Sunday, December 7, 2008

Friday - The Celebrating Begins

I spent the morning Friday preparing what I could a day a head of the party. Above is a round of brie topped with minced fresh garlic, white pepper and pine nuts. I "baked" it in the microwave the night of the party. simple, quick and always the hit of the party.

Hard boiling eggs for deviled or stuffed eggs as I call them. It isn't a celebration without stuffed eggs to David.

David's job; peeling the eggs. I made the stuffed eggs the following morning.

Shrimp ready to marinate.

After marinating a few hours I grilled them indoors on the George Foreman grill. so fast and easy this way, instead of dealing with the outdoor grill.

Set and ready for the buffet table the next evening.

I spent the afternoon visiting with my friend Sarah who flew in from Arizona that morning. It was alot of fun to spend time together instead of emailing. We were celebrating Sarah's 40th birthday this weekend as well. She helped me with the first step of the egg nog. Yeah, we did sample some of the Seagram's 7 with 7-Up earlier.

That evening Rob, Erin, Steven, Mackenzie and Deb arrived at their hotel and came over to hang out a bit and share some pizza and wine. Everyone was so thrilled that Erin had recovered enough to come to the party. We celebrated her recovery too.

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Sarah said...

It looks like we had sampled the Seagram's 7. ;)