Monday, December 8, 2008

Hearts of Gold

A big Thank You and hug to all of you who brought bags of groceries to the party to donate to Food for Families. It is such a bad year. At Thanksgiving there were lines of people to get a turkey and food from the food banks in the Sacramento area. Together we made a difference to people in our area. God bless.


Jen said...

It was my absolute pleasure. I hate to think of people without food, at any time of the year. It felt great to help out and I think you are an angel for asking your party goers to bring food! What a GREAT idea :-) Love you!

African Kelli said...

Now that is the Christmas I am proud of. I love this. I am giving to my parent's church for their Christmas gift. My mom runs a food pantry from the church and they never have enough.
I need to be more thoughtful of doing this year round!