Friday, December 5, 2008

Christmas Lights - A Welcome For Our Guests

David has been busy this week as well getting ready for our annual holiday party tomorrow by putting up the outside lights and decorations.

Pictures (at least mine) never do justice to outdoor lights at night.

This has been a challenging week for me preparing for the party because I have been fighting a nasty sore throat, achiness all over and lack of energy. I have been working, napping, working, napping............I am happy that today I actually am starting to feel human again.

Today our friend Sarah arrives from Arizona. Erin, the kids, Deb and Rob later in the day arrive as well. So looking forward to seeing everyone! We sure do wish Ron could be with us as well. (Love you Ron!)

Jen and her family arrive tomorrow as well as our long-time friends from the Bay Area. We so look forward to this each year!

Well, if this party is to happen, I had better get along with blogging and get to it. Today will be fun -- food prep for tomorrow.

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