Wednesday, February 4, 2009

25 Random Thoughts

This is going around Face Book so I thought i would post my answers here. some may surprise you. Diane

25 Random Thoughts

1. I was born in San Francisco.
2. I partied with Peter, Paul and Mary after a concert of theirs at The Circle Star Theater.
3. I lived in Mae Murray's (silent screen actress) old mansion that once stood in Playa del Rey, CA.
4. I was into ceramics in my early teens.
5. I used to go to Bill Graham's Filmore West every Friday night in the late 60's and very early 70's.
6. Ricky Nelson kissed me.
7. I once lived in a hippie commune.
8. I am terrified of snakes, spiders and dogs I do not know.
9. I first saw the Grateful Dead playing in the back of a flatbed truck in the Haight Ashbury before they were well known.
10. I have been to 14 states.
11. I do not like to fly.
12. I'm glad Jen talked me into joining Face Book.
13. I turned down a trip to Italy when I was 10. (Now I wish I had said yes!)
14. I have a passion for cooking, fine wines and food.
15. I love being Gram-Gram.
16. My favorite restaurant in the Sacramento area is The Kitchen.
17. David and I were married on Jen's birthday in 1983.
18. I hate to exercise but do.
19. For years I loved to play volleyball at the beach.
20. My favorite place to be is Capitola.
21. I wanted to retire in Sonoma, CA.
22. I used to love putting on a holiday show for my parents with my brother Ron every Christmas Eve when we were young.
23. I love to dance the night away.
24. During the summer when young I used to act in movies that my brother wrote and filmed. (That should read overacted! )
25. I can't drive a stick.


Erin said...

Very interesting! Wow, you were kissed by Ricky Nelson and saw the Grateful Dead on the back of a flatbed truck; Totally cool!

Diane said...

It was a different time! :-)))

African Kelli said...

Seriously, you have had one heck of a fascinating ride! Love it Diane.

Ron said...

I knew a lot of it, but there were a few surprises. It has been all over Facebook, but I keep avoiding it.