Thursday, February 19, 2009

Views from THE KITCHEN - People

We really lucked out last night because Chef Selland was actually there to host and do the dinner. He rarely comes in anymore now that he has his other restaurant Ella's to run. Chef Noah who has worked at The Kitchen with Randall for many years does the dinners now. He was off for a few days vacation so Randall was in doing it. All the times we had been in the past Randall did them. We were so glad that Jeff and Kelli were able to experience him themselves. He is quite a character.
Here's Jeff and Kelli.

Me and David.

Chef Randall Selland giving his before dinner "show."

Randall talking about live losters.

Demonstrating how to calm and put a lobster in another state. He sat it on the counter top, then rubbed it's shell with his finger. It went right out!

Me, Randall and Kelli.

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