Thursday, February 19, 2009

Views from THE KICHEN - Presented Courses

Dungeness crab bisque with Marieka gouda, creme fraiche, ricotta, scallions and Trout caviar. To die for!

Maine lobster poached in black truffle with puff pastry, local crayfish, artichoke and Creole-bouillabaisse broth.

They had a Saki course to go with the sushi and sashimi at the "intermission" if you were interested. This is Douglas the restaurants wine steward doing the pouring. David and I each tried one. I sipped a very light Saki which was very good. David went with a stronger tasting one. The sushi, etc was on a buffet table outside on their patio where twinkling lights grace the trees, there are cozy seating areas and a fireplace.

Randall offered frois grais as an extra to your dinner menu/price if interested. You could have it served on top of the beef tenderloin or on the side. David and I ordered one on the side to share. OMG! Incredibly delicious and I dislike liver with a passion. This is buttery and melts in your mouth. I couldn't eat much of it though it is so rich. I am glad that we shared a piece.

The presentation of Montana Piedmontesse beef tenderloin and mushroom tart with duck sugo, zinfandel and thyme. David asked for a second plate of this.

The Kitchen's white glove tea service after the meal. You went to the tea table in the demonstration kitchen and picked what type of tea and what flavors you wanted in it and they made a little pot of your own creation and brought it to your seat. There was also coffee service available as well.
White glove tea table.

Dessert presentation. Orange-macadamia custard cake, with Kitchen sorbets (kiwi, raspberry and I forgot, laughing - strawberry or watermelon), creme anglaise, hot chocolate, walnut tuile and blood orange jus.
Another absolutely incredible, over the top dining experience at The Kitchen!

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