Thursday, February 12, 2009

Moments From Truckee Visit

We took off Tuesday morning to Truckee after my routine doctor appointment to visit the kids.

Tuesday morning was the best time to drive up because it was between storms. A big one came through and snowed during the night and all day Wednesday.

These are a few shots I took through the van window on the drive up the mountain.

Justin volunteered to chop the red onions one night which were needed for dinner.

The poor guy, they were so strong he was covering his eyes with his shirt!

Jacob loves walking around the house in his walker. He is such a happy boy most of the time.

Jacob at breakfast Wednesday morning. He's a good eater and enjoys many things.

Jacob at lunch....he absolutely loves avocados.

Here's his face after waiting avocado and green peas. He is just too cute.

The look below I have gotten to know well. It is the "I am in another place because I am pooping" face. Makes me laugh.

We left this morning because another storm big storm is expected tomorrow. It was a good drive home. here is a shot of the new snow when we were leaving Jen's neighborhood.

We has a great visit. Jen and John's new house is beautiful. John and Bob did a great job with it. Jen is making a lovely and warm home out of it. She and I were able to get through a lot of boxes yesterday and things put away, and some things boxed to store in the garage shelves for the time being. It was delightful to get Justin's special hugs and spend time with him and Jacob. If weather permits we will be going back up the last week of the month.


Erin said...

The snow is beautiful. I'm sure it is not fun to drive in. It sounds like you guys had a nice visit. I know that "I'm pooping face!" That's the same face Steven gets. You can hardly talk to him since he is concentrating on the task at hand. That was so sweet of Justin to cut the onions. That can be a teary job.

Sarah said...

Great photos! Looks like a great visit.

Jen said...

We sure enjoyed your visit and can't wait to have you back! Thank you again for your help!