Thursday, February 19, 2009

Views from THE KITCHEN - The Making of Tempura Egg Yolks

The most delicious course in my opinion and I forget to take pictures. I am sure that was because I was too interested in eating it! It was Chervil infused goat cheese Agnolotti (very tiny ravioli), homemade pancetta, frisee, Meyer lemon, and a tempura egg yolk. I was interested in learning how they did the tempura egg yolk. Some other people asked as well, so after dinner they came and got us who were interested and showed us how to make them in the main kitchen.

Eggs and tempura batter.

Using hands you place the egg yolks only, one at a time into the tempura batter.

Using hands still, place one battered egg yolk at a time into a hot fryer.

Fry them 40 seconds. They come out cooked but the yolk is still very runny. I can't find the words to describe what it tastes like when you cut into the tempura egg yolk and the yolk marries with the other flavors and textures of the dish. My taste buds were dancing. I am sorry I did not ask for a second of this course!

Coming out of the fryer.

A perfectly cooked tempura egg yolk. I can;t wait to try this at home!

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