Saturday, February 7, 2009

Crab Feed

Last evening our dinner group got together at Verona and Bill's for their annual crab feed. We all had a great time!

Fig conserves on cream cheese to spread on crackers. Thanks to Kathy and Bob for turning me onto this. Delicious!
Hot pinwheel appetizers.

The wine bar stocked with good wine!

Verona's table. She always does such a great job.

Her crab centerpiece.

Crab bowls hold the bread and there were more of them for the empty shells.

Garlic Bread.

The main event - crab cioppino.

Penne pasta with Alfredo sauce and strips of chicken.
Okay, I am sure the followers of my healthy life-style quest are wondering if I ate all this food or not. Nope. My splurge for the night was the prosecco and red wine and one pinwheel appetizer. I realize I didn't get a picture of the green salad that was also on the table. I piled my plate with greens and topped it with a few strips of chicken breast from the pasta, dressed with a little balsamic vinaigrette and that was my dinner. I did put of piece of the garlic bread on my plate and stared at for what seemed a long time. Half way through dinner I asked David if he would like my piece of bread. I have not been eating white flour or French bread because I am addicted to it. I was able to let it go, feel full and satisfied with the salad and wine. I did have a bite of crab too. For sessert there was sugar-free apple pie and lemon custard pie. I love anything lemon so it was a bit hard to pass that up, but I did opt for the sugarless apple pie and ate the filling and left the crust. It was delicious with a cup of decaf.


Eileen and Stan said...

Way to go Diane! You're in the proper mindset and it's full steam ahead.

Jen said... are doing so much better than I. I would have eaten it! With all this running around and eating on the go I am not doing very well! But I know I will be back on track! We have so much pantry to eat out of it's insane...and the freezer hasn't made it yet so we don't have much meat yet! LOL. But I'll be back on track soon! It sure looked like fun at Verona's! We saw crab at Costco last night and I was telling John about your crab feed for David. We'll have to get some for a celebration once we are more settled!

Diane said...

Jen, you will do it when you are ready to. You will know when that time is right. Moving throws a twist into things, that's for sure. Just keep taking little steps like wheat over white, brown over white rice, water over soda. Those all make a difference. The crab at Costco is generally very good. At least here. Always super fresh.

Sarah said...

You did a great job substituting things and still being happy!!!