Saturday, August 30, 2008

Craft - Dried Gourd 'Fruit'

I like working with dried gourds, especially the little ones that have shapes like fruit and even eggs. I love the pear shape ones.

They start out dirty and looking like this. Use a stainless steel scrubber and water to get the grime and gunk off of them.

After they are cleaned and left to dry, they now look like this and are ready to work with.

Use leather stain to color them. Apply with a sponge brush. Be sure to do this outside. It needs to be well ventilated!

When the stain dries they look like stained carved wood pieces of fruit and eggs!

Place them in a bowl and you have a beautiful Fall or any time of the year decoration or centerpiece for a table. I love that you can make something pretty and useable from something most people would throw away.

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Jen said...

Okay have to bring me up some of these so I can use them on my table this fall!!!