Friday, August 15, 2008

Evita - An Afternoon at the Theater

David feels up to going to the theater now, so yesterday he went with me to see Evita form our summer season series. It's always fascinating to see how they will stage a production in the round at the Wells Fargo Pavillon. We have not yet been disappointed. We had seent he original touring Boradway production staring Patty LaPone years ago. She started the role on Broadway and she is a very hard act to follow.

Sadly Julia Murbey though acted the part well, didn;t have a strong enough voice to carry off the songs her part had to sing in this role. Much of the time she sounded like she was screaming the lyrics and it was annoying.
Eric Kunza who played the role of Che was I feel the best in the show. He shined in the production and was well deserving of his standing ovation. He was amazing to watch and listen to. Scott Blanks who performed as Peron did a very good job. Evita was really a piece of work to say the very least in regards to her ambitions. How she climbed the ladder one man at a time until she got to the top in her eyes. It never ceases to amaze me how a whole country loved and adored her so deeply that their grief when she died at a young age held no bounds. She manipulated what the people saw and heard. She is still a beloved lengend in Argentina. David wasn't up to our normal after theater dinner out downtown, so we headed on home and had leftover turkey breast that I had roasted the night before. We have recorded the entire John Adams series that were on HBO and have been making our way through them. Last night we watched one after dinner. We have benen enjoying them thoroughly; very well done. I highly recommend them if you haven;t already watched them.

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Jen said...

The turkey breast looks wonderful! I keep forgetting about those...where is it you get them? I'm sorry Evita was (kind of) a bust. Nothing is more annoying than listening to someone "scream" their lyrics instead of singing them! Hopefully the next one will be better!