Friday, August 8, 2008

Third Day in Truckee - Dinner at River Ranch

Bob and Linda babysat Jacob and Justin, and Jen, John, David and I went to the River Ranch for a special celebration dinner out for "adults only." Jen and John suggested the restaurant and we enjoyed the atmosphere and food very much.

David and I at the house right before we all left to drive out to the River Ranch.

We were 15 minutes early for out reservation, which was when the restaurant opened, so we had a cocktail in the lounge while waiting.

Jen and John -- the birthday girl! After taking our time over the menu, we decided to share three appetizers. We brought our own wine for the evening -- Silver Oak Cab.

Appetizer One was the steamed artichoke -- David and John's favorite.

Number Two was sashimi - Jen's favorite (I love it too)

Third was fresh heirloom tomatoes with homemade mozzarella and a basil viniagrette. My very favorite.

Part of the view from the window at our table. The river is just gorgeous, and the waiter opened all the windoes between each table so that you could hear the water. It was so lovely and peaceful.

The entree portion of the menu.

All four of us chose the filet mignon with cabernet and roasted Gilroy garlic sauce. It was perfect with the Silver Oak Cab.

After dinner Jen had a glass of cognac and I had a chocolate martini. Very disappointing for me. I think it came out of a bottle! Uck. Nothing like Sarah's chocolate mint martinis!

David's dessert was the lemon cheesaecake with a fresh blueberry sauce. In my humble opinion his was the best choice!

John had a cholate truffle cake with fresh berries. Another winner.

The birthday girl and her hubby John at the end of the meal. A very special evening indeed.

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Sarah said...

The tomato dish looks yummy!