Friday, August 15, 2008

The Memory Keeper

Theresa spent 6 days in MN recently at a Creative memories conference. Her long-time friend Audra joined her on the trip. As most of you know, Theresa is very talented at memory/scrap booking. They started off their first day roaming downtown Minneapolis and enjoyed dinner at Itchiban, a Benihana-like restaurant. Day two they took the rail to The MAll of America. Her reaction was the same as her Dad's when he visited there, "WOW, that was a huge place!"

By 9 that evening they had walked the whole mall and enjoyed shopping with no sales tax on shoes and clothing. They were limited though, because what they bought had to fit in their exisiting luggage. You just have to love this shot of Audra being Mary Tylor Moore for a moment, next to a statue of the same.
The next three days were the conference. They took a tour of the main plant where all the scrapebook pages, and cloth covers are made, as well as where they do custom framing and house all their products for consultant orders.

She was able to meet one of the co-founders Rhonda Anderson as well as so many others from the core company and consultants from all states. That's Theresa on the left. (No that is not RA below)
Theresa left with a whole new outlook on the company. She said she is no longer going to call it scrapbooking.
That our memories are what we have and preserving them is what is important. That's Theresa on the left and Audra on the right below.
Theresa, Audra and a few of their Creative Memories friends.

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Jen said...

I'm glad they had a great time. The Mall of America sure sounds great! Now I know where I can go to get supplies if I need them. Luckily for me, John's ex-wife did the same kind of stuff and when she left, she left all her "goods" behind, so I have TONS of the stuff and am loving it! I know I can get advice from you too Mom on how to create albums!