Saturday, August 9, 2008

Happy Third Birthday Riley!

It's hard to believe that our youngest cat is three years old today! Little Riley and his siblings were left at the local elementary school as little kittens to fend for themselves. Urrggg, still makes my blood boil. A neighbors son saw kids poking them with sticks, so he ran home and got his Mom. All the kittens were dead by this point but Riley. My neighbor called me to come and see "something." The something was of course Riley. She couldn't keep him because of other pets, and she knew that David and I had other cats and all of them were rescued. I said yes without pausing, and took Riley to the vet right that moment. He is lovingly called "Mama's Baby Love."

When Riley first came to us 3 years ago.
Riley playing with Jen's cat Oreo. They were always so cute together.
Riley napping on Daddy's lap in his first year.
Riley last year in his favorite place to hang out with me -- on my work desk.
Riley earlier this year. He is such a sweetie.

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Jen said...

Happy Birthday Riley! I can't believe you are 3 already! I remember when you brought him home! I can't believe how big he's gotten. Oreo misses him (and I do too!). It's such a treat to see him (and of course Poopie, Scruffy and Missy) when we visit! Happy Birthday to Riley!