Saturday, August 2, 2008

Some Days Just Make You Feel Especially Happy

All my days are good ones, but there are just some days that make you feel especially happy. This was one of those days for me. I mean I got to taste the new release of one of my favorite wines, be with a group of my close friends and wander through one of my favorite kitchen shops. Somedays are just too sweet!

Our friends, David and I started at Capitol Cellars an upscale wine shop in our general area for the release day tasting of the Silver Oak 2004 Alexander Vally Cabernet Sauvignon. Heart be still......this is the nectar of the Gods! Every year is a great wine prodcuing year for Silver Oak but our concensus is that the 2004 is a cut above the 2003 release. It has a dark ruby color with a deep red edge. The aromas are of fresh blackberries, violets, cola, nutmeg and licorice. In the mouth, the wine has a juicy attack and offers great expression of fruit and spice on mid-palate. It's fruit driven finish is long and elegant. This extraordinary treat and we didn't even have to battle the weekend traffic driving to the Alexander Valley to the Silver Oak winery, let alone fight the hordes of people at the winery for the always popular release day tasting. We sat at cloth covered tables in a much less crowded and quieter atmosphere to do our tasting.

There was also the newest release of Twomey's Merlot as part of the tasting. A very nice wine each year, though our general opinion was that it wasn't as good as last years release. (For those who may not know, Twomey is also owned by Silver Oak and only produced Merlot under that label.) As we enjoyed our tastings and conversation we shared an artisan cheese and cracker tray that included dried apricots and almonds.

We decided afterwards to stop at the new Sur la Table near the wine shop. No one had to ask me twice! Racing heart beat as the excitement grows. Yes! Yes! It is the smallest Sur la Table I have been in, but it was still jammed pack with fun and exciting kitchen every things! I picked up a new cast iron skillet. Wow, it is even seasoned for me! (Heart rate quickening.) Also a double insulated wine bottle bag. It's 70% Neoprene and machine washable. Perfect for carrying wines to a restaurant for dinner. LOVE the fingertip kitchen mitts. Just the right size for my smaller hands. Amazingly David didn't have to drag me out of the store like he has had to do at times. Ahhh. how happy I am.

Someone suggested we stop somewhere nearby for an early dinner. As much as I love to cook, my heart rate increased once again with happiness. Tasting Silver Oak Cab, shopping at Sur la Table and now I don't even have to cook dinner! Someone spotted a Mimi's so that is where we ended up. They overcooked 4 of the 5 entrees (4 of us had the same thing) and had to start them over again. They gave us a choice of a free dessert or muffin for each person since we had to wait so long for our food. We all took a carrot muffin to go. I didn't think this day could get any better but it did; I don't have to cook breakfast tomorrow! Life is good. Real good.

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Sarah said...

I love Sur la Table!

I recently was able to pick up a single bottle thing like that for $4!!!