Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Okay, An Invite Inside My Head

Note, I started this on the evening of the 27th and finished the morning of the 28th.

When I first started this blog a few months ago my intent was to share with family and friends what is happening in my life. Grandkids, crafts, family, entertaining, outings, smelling the roses (literally). Using pictures, brief explanations...... Not long after I was up and running a friend told me she loved my blog, but she felt I needed to talk more. You know she said, what are you thinking.........THINKING?? You mean like a DIARY???? In my head this was the dialogue -- 'you want to hear what is really rattling around inside my head each day? Are you crazy?' Breath Diane, breath. This is why I do t'ai chi chih I suppose. Centered. So why does this make me feel slightly paniced?

Okay, I will step out into this arena not to do battle but to do something I am not always comfortable doing. That's growing right?.........step out there 56 year old Girl............

I am at my monthly hair appointment at Robbie's this morning. A walk-in enters from out of town, we talk and she asks me my favorite local restaurant. One sure way to make an Italian fall in love with you is ask her about food. Whether it is the name of her favorite restaurant, which cheese to buy at what market, or where the best farmers market is, her eyes will light up, she'll take a deep breath, and she'll begin a detailed and passionate oratory. Now that this out-of-towner is armed with my best local knowledge, not only of the best places to eat but of their best dishes, I am pleased knowing that this woman will have at least one of the most remarkable meals of her life.

The second sure way to make an Italian fall in love with you is know some of her immediate family members and share their love for them. -- I wandered into Jolie's Nail Salon two doors down from Robbie's. Getting back to my hippie natural soul I gave up fiberglass on my nails after 16 years the end of March to go back to being oh so naturale. Yesterday was the day to treat myself to a manicure. -- what is it about shaping nails that makes me suck at it? -- I knew Jolies was the place my mother had her nails done and both my parents had their pedicures when they were living In a place that is still relatively new to me and was definitely new to my parents while they were here, having people remember them so lovingly and share them with me with such happiness brought me incredible joy and peace. Rosalie and I bonded in one of those ways Italians don't forget. Famiglia. BTW, my nails look pretty too.

Here's something I can't figure out -- why is it that when we face a serious medical situation with our children, being our sons or daughters, nieces or nephews, grandchildren or greatchildren, we lose sight of our #1 ground rule to take each day at a time and focus on the positive? Why do we allow the negative, the what-ifs to creep in, even when we know to keep that door closed because it does no good for anyone?

I always have loved the Olympics, both summer and winter. However when will free-spirit dancing become a regarded sport and be honored in the Olympics? Really, I swim, walk, bike, but my real passion in getting my heart rate up, working up a good sweat, staying focused and disciplined is dancing. It also keeps me feeling sensual, I smile and have fun the entire time; from my heart, my soul. Just dancing to my all-time favorite songs. Okay, so I have never fallen freely into strictly defined areas.

I have also always watched both the Democratic and Republican conventions. I am not prejudice when it comes to politics or political parties. In fact I have been an Independant now for 8 years. I tell you, I am not willing to put my name to either main party. I have always voted for the candidate. The older I become the less I feel tied to either party. I am all for getting rid of extra baggage weight. Freeing. No party affilation is freeing. However, I will also note that it is interesting to look at the history of both parties; at the start of our country the Democrat's were conservative, the Republican's liberals. It continues to bounce back and forth over time. I did enjoy the Democratic convention. Seeing history being made in my time is always exciting. I look forward to watching the Republican convention as well.

Now what is it with the pro-gun people you meet? They always bring up the right to own guns and relate it to deer. You all know it; too many deer in some areas, they are dangerous, cause accidents, they need to be gunned down. So there is a reason those people choose to pick up a gun and kill a living, breathing thing. Okay, in some areas deer need to be controlled for safety reasons to humans and to themselves, well you kill them my friends. Someone has to do it so it might as well be you, because it sure isn't going to be me. Ever. Not from the hippy lady at heart whole rasied her children in a gun-free environment, including toy guns. Please keep guns away from the children in my life. That's all I ask of you.

That is enough of what is rattling inside my head for one morning. Goodness, no wonder I feel so scattered at times. There's a lot rolling around in there.

It is time to get ready for the theater. This is the last play of the season which is Hairspray. Should be big fun. Inside my head -- 'What should I wear? Oh dear, bad hair day! Where did I put the leg rest for David's wheel chair? OH dang, have to stop at the bank on the way out, I forgot about that! Where did I put the tickets? Does my car need gas, I can't rememeber!........'

Over and out.


Sonia said...

I can't believe how alike we are in our thinking.........all the way about being asked about food (Cuban in my case) to gun issues. to politics...and everything in between..........and yes, I lOVE to dance also, but can't do much of it anymore...:-(
I love to hear the rattling in your head. echoes in mine!

julia said...

good to see you doing some writing of your own! keep it up