Friday, August 8, 2008

A Short Get-a-way begins

Not being able to take a proper 25th anniversary trip at this time due to David's heel, we did decide that a short get-a-way to see Jen and her family in Truckee and celbrate her 36th birthday with her as well was the thing to do. Having been pretty much housebound from ambitious trips all summer thus far, we were so looking forward to this trip.

The day before we left my neighbor Deborah came down to get the key to the house since she takes care of our 4 cats when we are gone. I had just completed taking care of her little kitty Fiona for 10 days and she brought me these delightfdul gifts purchased on their trip that took them to Montana, Idaho and Canada. Don't you just love the colors and print on the make-up bag? It was perfect for our get-a-way trip. The dip mixes look and sound delicious. Looking forward to trying everyone of them!

Once in Truckee the first stop of course is to see the progress on Jen and John's house. WOW! Jen took me on a walk through tour of the inside and you can see each room now and "see" where things will be. We know they will be very happy there.

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