Saturday, August 23, 2008

This Morning In The Garden

It was a morning stroll and a little t'ai chi chih in the garden for me today. A lovely early morning outdoors. Not a lot is happening in the garden at this late date in August, but here are a few things that I found myself breathing in this morning.

There are constantly yellow heirloom grape tomatoes on the vine. They are little bites of sunshine.

The patio container tomatp plant is doing well. There have been quite afew tomatoes but always small. None of the tomatoes so far on any plant have been big. These are very tasty though. Just wish the yiled was more so I could cook with them.

One ripe patio tomato ready for picking today. There is always enough to have in salad which has been very nice. There is nothing like the bursting taste of a fresh tomato in your mouth!

One last canna lily at this time. A pretty pastel peach color.

There are a few roses blooming, but small this time around. I forgot to feed them this summer, so they have not been as good to me as they usually are this time of year. Can't blame them.

I liked the way the sun was playiong on this one. Tried to ctach it.

The dahlia bulbs got planted very late. They grew but only have two flowers. They are very pretty though.

This speading bush grows like crazy and the tiny blue flowers fill the bush all summer. It really outgrows the space it is in. Each year we prune it back to a small plant and by summer this is what we have again. It is beautiful though.

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