Sunday, January 11, 2009

Christmas In January

Last night Theresa, Shawn, David and I celebrated Christmas together. We took them to dinner at Celia's, a Mexican restaurant we all enjoy. Right before we left the house I crammed my camera into my purse, which I then completely forgot all about. (Slapping myself upside the head) We were having such a great time visiting and catching up with one another, I never thought of the camera again. Sigh, so there are no people pictures to share.

A beautiful album and extra matting papers to keep pictures of the boys in from T&S.

First great news, Theresa and Shawn received an offer on their house. They have until sometime Monday to go with it or not. The offer is for a little less than what they are asking but not a lot. They are meeting with the realtor today. Second great news, they believe the 4,000 sq foot house they love the floor plan of, which is on a 2 acre lot in Wilton (near Sloughhouse) is still on the market. We hope that it is and it all works out for them. This is a very exciting time for them.

Gift cards to two of David's favorite stores from T&S.

We talked a lot about what they would do with all the property in the back of the house if they got it, and how they would landscape some of the front. We talked citrus trees of many varieties and other fruit trees. A 3-hole golf course for Shawn, and maybe even a 4-season porch that one wall would open up to the patio if you wanted it to. Lots of fun thinking up ideas. We are excited to hear how this all works out for them. Prayers going up, and fingers and toes crossed!
Merry! Merry!

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Jen said...

It sounds like a fun time was had by all at Celia's! The book TC made is beautiful! I know you will fill it up with pics of your grandboys! How exciting about Shawn and TC's house! YIPPEE! I truly hope it all works out for them. It sounds like the new house would have lots of opportunities to do all sorts of things!