Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year's Day - Reflecting

I haven't made long lists of New Year's resolutions for years now. However I do stop each New Year's Day and reflect on what I have done the year before and how I would like to change things in the new year ahead of me. I also like to take in all the year before held for us.

2008 has been wonderful to us with so much to be grateful for. Jacob and Mackenzie's births, Erin making it through a very difficult recovery from surgery, and David walking on his own after a very slow recovery from surgery after shattering his heel. We are blessed with our children, grandsons, family and friends.

I did go through and get rid of "stuff"during 2008 however I need to do more of it this year, especially in the kitchen, bonus room and personal closet. It is so freeing to downsize and getting rid of clutter and things that are not used anymore. The hardest for me is kitchen related things and cook books. I will be strong!

This past year has not been a good one for me weight-wise. I gained quite a bit of weight and am the heaviest I have ever been. It hadn't bothered me so I did nothing about it. Now I feel I want to get back into a healthier life-style by walking and riding my bike again and eating better. This is something I would like to work on in 2009.

In reflection, I would like to do more this coming year in outreach and for our community as well.

I do look forward to the new year and discovering all it holds for us!


Erin said...

Reflecting on the past year and thinking of new focuses for the next year is great at this time of year. I had decided to take Uncle David's idea of jotting a little bit down each year about each kid in their own special notebook I will decorate (got from you). I was trying to figure out when I would do it and I am thinking New Years is a good time.

Diane said...

I think that is a wonderful idea Erin! I want to do that with Jacob and Justin too from a Gram-Gram's perspective. :-) Happy new Year to you Sweetie!

Ron said...

Diane, I sure can understand the weight gain thing. With all the stress this year I was at 200 lbs and climbing. I set mind to lose weight before the New Year, since last year it didn't work waiting until after the holidays. With my focus on losing all the weigth before Christmas so I could indulge without worry. I finally lost the weight on Christmas Day. 25 bls lighter and it feels so good. Good luck on the weight loss. Stick to it. I was just reading an article that said overweight people have a stronger possibility of Alsheimers disease. Has something to do with the fat around the waist. Also exercising, arobics, walking, etc, creates more blood circulation in the brain in the area where the memory loss occurs thus keeping you sharper. I know I give way too many details, but I found the article really good. Love ya. God bless your whole family in the New Year!


Jen said...

WTG Mom. I know what you mean about the weight. I weighed more than I wanted to before I got pregnant, but like you didn't care too much about it so didn't do much about it. Now I want to. As you know buying healthy food can be costly, so we'll do what we can! We can at least cut down on frying things and eat more veggies and when it's nice again I plan to walk with Jacob daily. I miss that, but it's too darned cold and icy! I worry about Jacob not being warm enough! I didn't make resolutions either, but am cleaning out clutter (it IS freeing), trying to eat a bit better and hope to stop biting these nails! Hee!