Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Poems for My Grandsons - Justin Robert and Jacob David

J is for the joy you bring
U is for the unconditional love I have for you
S is for safe which I will always keep you
T is for how thankful I am to have you to love
I is for the incredible hugs you give me
N is for the noise you love to make

R is for the race car driver you are
O is for the oddball stories you like to tell
B is for the best grandson in the world
E is for your enthusiasm
R is for the rare young man you are
T is for what a treasure you are dear Justin.

J is for the joy you bring
A is for the angel you are
C is for cute, cute, cute
O is for the ocean of love I have for you
B is for my beautiful, beautiful boy

D is for my darling urchin
A is for the ability you have to make me proud
V is for your vibrant spirit
I is for your illuminating smile
D is for my dear grandson Jacob.


Ron said...

How sweet and great pictures.

Love you,


Pam said...

Ahhh... very sweet! I think your grandchildren are very blessed to have you in their lives!

Jen said...

That was beautiful Mom, thank you! I'll make sure the boys see it!