Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

We had a lot of fun at our New Year's Eve dinner group party last evening. I didn't get pictures of all the courses of food unfortunately. I didn't get Barbara's tandoori shrimp and butternut squash soup which were huge hits. I am awaiting both recipes. The same with Paulette's mixed vegetable gratin. The were presented so beautifully I wish I did have pictures to show you. The challah bread Ednamay baked and sent for the dinner was so good! Every one of us raved about it.
Rib Roast ready for slow-roasting after aging in fridge for 4 days. I browned it on the stove top first and roast at 250 degrees F. I overcooked the meat and we are all rare beef lovers! This is a first for me., Usually I am worried it is too rare for people. I must have calculated wrong in my roasting time. We still ate it all, but I was disappointed in myself.

Potatoes ready for baking.

Self serve bar.

Verona and Averill partaking.

Bill and Bob catching up with one another.

David, Bill, Verona and Paulette......

Bob, Averill and Barbara waiting for the next course.

Averill's pear salad. Very good.

Verona's dessert. Delicious! Sorbet with a shot of creme de menthe inside it, then champagne poured on top. Normally she makes it with lemon sherbet so it melts easier and turns into a drink after a little while. One in our group is lactose intolerant. The sorbet being more icy stayed frozen solid.

I hope 2009 is gentle to all of us. All the best wishes!


Ron said...

As usual the meal looks great. WHAT, YOU OVER COOKED THE ROAST! I can't believe that one. I know how frustrating that can be, especially since I love my roast on the rare side too. Well, I used to like my roast on the rare side too. It has been over 19 years since I gave up meat.



Jen said...

That dessert looks so fun and beautiful! I bet it tasted yummy too! Everything looked great and I loved seeing pictures of everyone! Mmmm!!!