Friday, January 23, 2009

Restaurant Supply

This morning we made a trip to the restaurant supply store with friends Verona and Bill, Rose, Paulette and Barbara. They hadn't been before and wanted to go sometime, so we set it up to go today. We had a blast!

Two platters I picked up for family and casual dinners and get-togethers. Of course the burnt orange goes great in our house.

A platter and bowl I bought that can be used with the above two platters. These all will go with a set of olive green dishes I have with terracotta color edge trim. I am in entertaining heaven when I am in this section of the restaurant supply.

I picked up these 2 to go with 2 I have just like them. I use these on the buffet table of the annual holiday party each year. They go with everything and I use them throughout the year as well.
The kicker? Are you ready? These are all plastic. Yes! No one usually can tell, they are light so easy to carry once piled with food, and they do not chip or break. Once you purchase these you know they will out last you in this life. They are reasonably priced as well. a win-win situation.
I am still on a restaurant supply high!


Eileen and Stan said...

Love your purchases. Never would have imagined they are plastic.

Jen said...

Beautiful dishes mom! What great colors! I wouldn't believe they were plastic either!