Friday, January 16, 2009

Erin Update - 8:45 PM

Erin is doing quite well and Rob was pretty sure the doctors were going to release her tomorrow from the hospital. If she moves around too much she experiences a bit of nausea and isn't eating a whole lot yet, but she is feeling good. That's all Deb really had to report tonight. Kathy has visted Erin and Rob every day which they love.

Deb is taking Steven to a birthday party tomorrow so today they went shopping for a gift for his friend. They are all doing good and survived their drive home yesterday!


Jen said...

Thanks Mom! It sounds like things are a bit "out there" but hopefully she will be able to go home soon!!!

Eileen and Stan said...

I know when you're in the hospital all you want to do is get out and go home. I hope Erin isn't pushing herself to go home. Good to hear that Debbie still has her sanity. Taking care of little ones for a length of time somehow really lets you know that you're a Grandma with all the little aches & pains you experience and boy are your tired. Love to all!