Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Erin Update - 8:20 PM

Erin looks real good according to everyone that has seen her today. She is having some pain; seems her hip is bothering her more than her neck, but she is on pain med's. Kathy was able to visit with her today as well as Deb and the kids. Steven was very happy to see his Mommy, and Kathy and him had a good time together as well.

Deb and the kids are heading back to Fortuna tomorrow morning. Erin might be released as early as friday. Things are going very well at Stanford!

I am sure I do not have to say this, everyone knows for themselves, but Erin is one of the strognest, bravest women I know. I am so proud of her.


Ron said...

I agree. She is my daughter and she never ceases to amaze me with her courage and attitude toward life.


Eileen and Stan said...

Very good news. Got to agree - Erin is an amazing young woman. Hopefully she'll never have to test her courage again. Thanks for the updates Diane.